Photo from my display at LA Zine Fest 2019.
1. Mushrooms is a zine I created to explain my experience with anxiety. I go in-depth about how it affected me, why/how I got help, and where I am today. It's frank, at times light-hearted, but sincere when it matters.
2. Sh*t I Drew in College is a sketchbook zine in which I provide insight into the work that I produced this past year. I cover things like mediums I experimented with (riso, painting with ink, etc) to talking about my favorite Netflix shows.
3. Apple & Olive is a love story. On each page, viewers see two young women that adore one another through snapshots of their daily lives.
4. Depression Food is a one-page folded zine about the food we gravitate to when we don't have the mental energy.
5. What is Riso? is inspired by how much I adore riso printing. In this risograph printed zine, I explain the history, what it is and how it works.
6.  "Hourly Comic Day" is a zine with illustrations compiled from the annual 24-hour event where participants draw a short comic about every hour they're awake.
5x7 print & handmade clay pins